A Sequel to Richi Sunak acting Dictatorially – Part Two


Infamous for his role in Partygate, Boris Johnson was continually entangled in scandal after scandal. He was a charismatic character when mayor of London, hang-gliding over the Thames to secure votes. As the first Prime Minister after Labour lost the elections in July 2019, he has always sought the limelight and publicity. Although he often missed important meetings and had a short attention span for detail, he was, and still is, a brilliant orator. When his government were forbidding ordinary people from visiting sick and dying relatives during the Covid pandemic and lockdown, he was illegally partying in Downing Street with colleagues. The police issued 126 penalty notices, three were issued to Johnson, his wife Corrie, and Richi Sunak. They paid and apologised.

Although not in government, Baroness Michelle Mone, made a Conservative life peer by David Cameron 2015, is proving to be a problem for the present Conservative government. Between 2020 and 2022 she was allowed to use the “VIP Fast Track Lane” set up by the government to allow their favoured suppliers to avoid the usual channels and bid for government contracts. She won a contract for the provision of personal protective equipment and received £29 million into an off-shore trust to avoid paying tax in the UK.She was formerly a member of the Labour party and between 2020 and 2022 made only 5 speeches in the House of Lords. She last voted in April 2022.

Dominic Raab and Suella Braverman

Dominic Raab, over the last few months, has been accused of bullying by 24 his own civil servants. While aware of the claims over many years and from different departments of government, Sunak has not suspended him. He remains in post as Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Secretary. One retired former civil servant claimed he “behaved like a monster at times”, calling subordinates stupid. He would make examples of very senior members of staff in front of more junior members.Sunak has, finally, appointed Adam Tolley KC as an independent investigator.

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