Surprising how Fishing in Thailand can Repair Potholes !

Surachai’s successful plan has been copied in many places.
(photo credit. binnews)

Surachai is fed up with the lack of action from the local authority in repairing the many potholes in the sois (small side roads) around his home. The roads are well used so the inconvenience is not just a personal one. Traffic gets slowed down and care must constantly be taken when motorcyclists swerve out at the last minute to avoid a big hole in the road.

Rightly or wrongly, the rider would not be blamed. If a motorist was also involved when the biker swerved, he would pick up the tab for any damage or injury. In this country the person assumed to have more money than the poor motorcyclist pays.

Directly and formally complaining wasn’t going to work; face must be maintained. No-one likes to be criticised and made to take personal responsibility for mistakes. That can be true in all countries in the world, but in Thailand it’s almost a law that you must not accept criticism about your work or actions.

After a night of heavy rainfall, Surachai sat on a chair next to one of the larger puddles and held his fishing rod over it. He was only there for one hour during which time he caused a lot of laughter and merriment from those passing along the soi.

Later that day a team of workers started filling in the potholes. Without creating any bad feeling or conflict with the local authority, his cunning strategy had worked.

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