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Surprising how Fishing in Thailand can Repair Potholes !

Surachai is fed up with the lack of action from the local authority in repairing the many potholes in the sois (small side roads) around his home. The roads are well used so the inconvenience is not just a personal one. Traffic gets slowed down and care must constantly be taken when motorcyclists swerve out…

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Different Nationalities; Different Senses of Humour

Different nationalities have different senses of humour. I recall being in a UK pub one overcast day in winter. A few of us were sitting round the bar when the barman commented, looks like rain, doesn’t it?The fellow next to me raised his glass and sipped his beer. Yes, tastes like it too!We all laughed…

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Rolf Harris

The entertainer and convicted pedophile, Rolf Harris, has died peacefully at his home in Bray, Berkshire aged 93. In order for a dignified funeral to take place with family and friends, away from the cameras of the press, the death of Rolf Harris was only announced on 23 May 2023.This entry from Wikipedia is an…

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King Charles III Coronation

Most of the photos that you will see are of the processions to and from Westminster Abbey. Little is being shown by the media, both mainstream and social media, of the more significant parts of the ceremony which took place in the Abbey. This article tries to correct that.King Charles became king the moment Elizabeth…

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Wrongful Prosecutions of UK Sub Postmasters

The name Paula Vennells probably doesn’t mean much to you, says Marina Hyde in The Guardian. Which is strange, given she presided over “the most widespread miscarriage of justice in British history”. During her seven-year tenure as CEO of the Post Office, 736 sub postmasters were wrongly prosecuted for theft, fraud and false accounting because…

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The Reasons Why We Believe Propaganda Rather Than Facts

Let’s take a look together at three current scenarios to help understand why, in the apparent woke environment the world finds itself in, we listen and regurgitate propaganda, particularly on social media. And why we don’t think for ourselves and search out the true facts. Let’s start with Prince Andrew’s notorious 2019 car-crash interview. Click…

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Do you think Thais are Xenophobic or just Patriotic?

Let’s compare attitudes of rugby players towards their opponents in order to develop this question further. This image is of a lunch after the referee has blown the final whistle and both rugby teams retire to eat, drink, and chat together. Those of my readers who have read my book, The True Story of the…

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