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We are still not being told the Truth. The “19th century” courtiers in the Palace Establishment are still deliberately not telling the public what is really going on, and doing so suspiciously by continuing to post photoshopped images.

There are several media outlets showing the video of the Princess of Wales trying to explain the muddle that has ensued following their deliberate mishandling of the release of news on her illness.

Take a look at any of the videos now available and watch and listen to the video. Here is one link, the others are exactly the same.

Catherine (Kate) Middleton was born in January 1982 and became HRH the Princess of Wales the day after King Charles III ascended the throne.

She has a 2.1 degree in Art History from the University of St. Andrews, where she met and had a relationship with Prince William, as he then was.

The Middleton Family.
Her parents are upper-middle class. Although both have aristocratic backgrounds, they presented a more working-class picture of themselves. Her mother, Carole Middleton, was an air hostess with British Airways. Carole’s father was a builder and her mother worked part-time in a jewelry shop. The media always make the claim that she hailed from a poor coal mining family, But, that was a long way back. Her great grandmother was Jane Harrison, (1839-1881).

The Princess of Wales’ father, Michael Middleton, was a flight dispatcher. He left BA and joined Carole in Party Pieces, a mail order party supply company that she set up. Initially, the company was run by Michael, Carole, and Catherine before it ran into financial difficulties and was bankrupted.

Despite that, the family are multi-millionaires, Michael having inherited money from his grandmother, Olive Christiana Middleton. They live in Bucklebury Manor, a Georgian mansion set in 18 acres of rural Berkshire.

Compare the photos issued over the last few weeks.

Contrast the photo on the right with the photo above. It’s one of many images that appeared in the press and has not been altered in any way.

If you look carefully at the first photo you will note that the Princess, Kate Middleton, appears to be thinner, and her face shows stress. That’s not unusual given that she has had abdominal surgery and is dealing with the worry of having been told she has cancer.

Most of the comments on the internet and social media are sympathetic. And I understand that. I too wish her well. But my concern is that we are all being asked to follow the current propaganda from the Establishment.

We are not thinking about what has really happened. Effectively, we are being told, by the Media and the Palace Establishment, not to think.

Reading the comments on social media, you will see that only two correspondents have spotted that the first photo has been “doctored”, and that no-one is being asked to consider the several previous photos that have been altered to deliberately mislead the public.

Think carefully. and don’t be swayed by what you’re being told.

Please judge for yourself when you look at these images. Does Catherine’s eyes look the same as the photo shown immediately above? Have you spotted she is not wearing her wedding ring? Do you see that even the left and right sides of the bench she is sitting on are of different shades of brown? The princess is moving her face and arms, but the background of daffodils is static. Would a video, that has not been edited by the Palace Establishment to deceive or mislead, not have the flowers moving in the breeze?

The family photo of Kate Middleton with her three children has been “killed” by all the news agencies. Proof positive of the 12 photoshopped changes.

Rose Hanbury, Marchioness of Cholmondeley.

Rose Hanbury and Catherine Middleton were originally close friends, members of the elite social aristocratic group called the “turnip tops”.

Although Prince William dated the Marchioness of Cholmondeley, (pronounced Chumley), before dating Kate Middleton, verified reports suggest he continued the relationship after his marriage. An Italian waiter, in a London restaurant, saw him giving Rose Hanbury a pearl neckless as a Valentine’s Day gift. Others have told of seeing them kissing.

During Kate’s third pregnancy, having given William an “heir and a spare”, it seems his roving eye returned to Rose Hanbury. Many men seek sex with another woman when a wife is pregnant for fear of damaging the baby in the womb by having sexual intercourse with her. And after some children are born, husbands can often see their wives as mothers rather than sexual partners.

Bottoms Up.

On 28 May 2014, the Australian paper, Deccan Chronicle, published a photo of the Princess of Wales’ bare bottom after her dress rose up with the wind. No other newspaper, worldwide, published the photo or referred to the incident.

It reminds me of Kate Middleton’s nickname when studying art St Andrews’ University. While still single, she used to flash her bare backside out of her dormitory window when boys were passing. The media called her “Kate MiddleBUM”. Since her marriage, neither they nor the Palace Establishment refer to it.

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