The True Story of a Welsh Godfather

The true story of a Welsh godfather describes J.O.Williams as a charismatic and ruthless businessman.  No-one ever had a chance of controlling him. Governments were gaining financially from working with him. In that sense, they were part of this extended mafia family.

A mafia family is not solely comprised of blood relatives.

The True Story of a Welsh Godfather

I first met J.O.Williams, the Welsh Godfather, when playing with his grandson, Johnny Illsley, in the extensive grounds of the family home.

Neither Johnny nor I had any idea that his grand-dad was running a ruthless mafia business. The Welsh Godfather was successfully outmanoeuvring the British and Canadian governments.

The True Story of a Welsh Godfather is an intriguing biography from start to finish. There are interesting surprises at every turn of the page,

J.O.Williams, the Welsh Godfather, and his son Eric Williams.
J.O.Williams, the Welsh Godfather, and his son Eric Williams.

Johnny and I only realised the extent of his grandfather’s corrupt business practices after his mum died and he had access to family records of his mafia-type business practices in Canada, Newfoundland, and even the UK.

You can read the full and true story here.

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Here is an external link from Wikipedia on Mafias. It explains the corrupt and ruthless business techniques of mafia godfathers. It highlights how some of them they use their ill-gotten gains to help local communities. The article emphasises how mafia families look after their own. But, you must always show the Godfather respect.

The Godfather, movie and book, shows violence and treachery in the criminal underworld. But, it also shows that mafia families can use their wealth for philanthropic purposes.

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